Scheda INFO Lastra SONORA XP Kodak

05.10.2012 15:02

Non-ablative, thermal negative-working (write-the-image) plate incorporating Kodak's press ready technology


High-quality short- to medium-run sheetfed, heatset web, offset packaging (non UV) and short-run UV applications

Spectral sensitivity

800 – 850 nm

Laser energy required

150 mJ/cm2 on platesetters with KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology
175 mJ/cm2 on KODAK ACHIEVE Platesetters
150 - 210 mJ/cm2 dependent on imager type, configuration and resolution


1% to 99% @ 200 lpi
Dependent upon capability of imaging device.

FM capability

20-micron stochastic
Dependent upon imaging device capabilities, print applications and screening algorithms. For optimum FM performance, Kodak recommends KODAK STACCATO Screening on platesetters with KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology.

Tirature in Macchina

Up to 200,000 impressions with heatset/coldset web presses
Up to 100,000 impressions with sheetfed presses
Up to 50,000 impressions for offset packaging applications
Up to 10,000 impressions for UV
Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemistry, ink and paper conditions.


The plate can be handled before and after imaging safely for:
up to 1 hour under white light
up to 8 hours under C20 - UV Cut
up to 24 hours under G-10 yellow light
Safelight limits @ 800 Lux

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